Mikey's Games / Name of the Game

It’s frustrating how hard it can be to name something new.

I had been wanting to call my new racing game “Formula something”, where “something” would be a symbol from math, science, or engineering relating to electricity. But the closest I could find was the script capital E used for electromotive force. That’s really just the letter E written stylistically, which is much too close to “Formula E” from the FIA, especially since the pronunciation would be the same.

So then I thought, what about other letters that might go after the word “Formula” without being problematic. How about X? It would work as upper case, lower case, or even stylistically written to look like the variable “x” from math.

If you look, you’ll find only about a hundred games called “Formula X” out there already. So that’s probably not a great name to use if one is hoping to be distinctive.


Then I realized, the mechanics of the game are going to be heavily influenced by mathematical formulas, which are often referred to as “formulae” (this is just the Latin plural of “formula”) – and there is, in fact, a letter that can be used instead of “ae”: “æ”. So why not just call the game “Formulæ”? I pronounce this “form-you-lie” because I took classical Latin in high school, so it seems kind of catchy, and not like a complete trademark infringement… But “æ” is impossible to type. So maybe this is a bit too clever?

So that pretty much kills the “Formula something” idea, in my mind. And maybe certain things are just better kept simple. So I’m going with “Mikey’s Racing Game”.